Painting The (Southern) City That Never Sleeps

Posted on February 19, 2020 by Heidi Schwartz

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s ya girl, Katie. 

Today we’re highlighting Heidi’s work Nashville Skyline Series. Through the span of one year, Heidi created a number of paintings (seventeen, to be exact), showcasing the beauty and essence of the central Tennessean town also known as “Nash-Vegas.” 


Fun fact: A few of these paintings were literally painted on the side of the road! I can only imagine how crazy that must’ve been. Painting in a studio can sometimes get crazy, depending on how you are as a painter (and I know Heidi isn’t afraid to get messy, ha ha)... But painting outside, on the side of the road as cars and trucks are whippin’ past you, is undoubtedly a whole ‘nother level. 

Something I’ve noticed while observing this collection is how well Heidi is able to present a definitive uniqueness within the paintings individually, while also incorporating similar vibes throughout all of them. This, alone, speaks volume about the city and the painter. The ambience of each painting symbolizes the adaptability and versatility of this ever-growing city. Meanwhile, the painter (Heidi [duh!]) has, like I’ve just mentioned, successfully sought out varying nuances from each view, while remaining consistent in capturing the homey, warm spirit of the south. Being able to acknowledge these things and execute it well takes #SKILL. 

All-in-all/in conclusion/in short/TL;DR, Heidi’s Nashville Series is original. It’s a beautifully crafted and coherent collection of pieces that highlight the vivacity of Nashville, the (southern) city that never sleeps. :-)

Get a painting close-up and fuel your honky tonk hankering, in this TikTok featuring “Baby Blue Nash”:

For an insider’s look at this collection and others, check out the following YouTube here:

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