Hump Day Happenings

Posted on February 26, 2020 by Heidi Schwartz

Happy Hump Day! We’re almost done with the week, and what better way to help us power through than to take an exciting look at the newest addition to Heidi’s leggings collection? Beyond Black and White is the fourth design of wearable art leggings, directly based off of Heidi’s original paintings. Unlike the other three designs, this one displays a more abstract thought and radiates a totally different vibe. Its colors are also exclusively black and white, which pair perfectly with everything. 

The inspiration behind the painting (and the leggings) is described, in Heidi’s own words, as a “free-form, internal painting journal.” From an outsider’s perspective, this design can be described as mysterious yet calming. Beyond Black and White essentially invites the viewer into a contradictory world of chaos and simplicity. It encourages them to explore the details within, which, alone, provide an infinite number of interpretations. 

While this pair of leggings is quite a shift in overall content and composition, it, nonetheless, remains true to Heidi’s goal of originality and authenticity. 

Beyond Black and White expresses a style that is more universal, that sparks dialogue, and that exhibits excellence. This is something that you definitely want to get your hands on (or legs in, rather… ha ha!) 

Follow the link below to order your own pair:

& to complete the package, you can own the original painting! Shop here:

Make sure to check out this week’s video “Adventures of Paint Your Event (behind the curtain with a live event artist)”: 

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